Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We Can Help You at Arum Lily In Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

1) Do I get a receipt when I order over the phone?

When order over the phone you will get your digital receipt by email. Please ask for a digital receipt and provide an email address.

2) What types of payments do you offer?

Our store accepts all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and also Debit.

3) Is there a cost for delivery in Edmonton?

Yes, to one location it is $15.00 within the City of Edmonton. The price for delivery outside of Edmonton is based on location. 

4) Do you cover flower arrangements in the winter?

Yes, in the winter season, they will be covered, and it is not required during the summer season based on weather conditions.

5) What happens if I am not home?

Alberta is well known for its below-freezing temperatures. YES, you know it gets -30 or

-40, plus and lots of snow. Snow, -40 below and flowers don’t mix well together. Call our shop and advise us of a different location, place, and time for pick up. We are happy to make the change, and customer service is essential to our team.

6) Do you have same-day delivery?


7) Curbside Pick-Up?

Yes, we have been offering curbside pick up before COVID-19. Upon request, we always walk flower arrangements to customers’ vehicles to provide expectant mothers and families who can’t get out of the car because of young children and family dogs in vehicles. We will talk about the flower arrangement to your vehicle with a smile.

8) Does Arum Lily Edmonton West do Special Orders?

Yes, we’re excited to help! Our store is always willing and happy to our customers out for special events. We prefer to have one week in advance notice, but we are still able to help you out, and our florist designer will be able to discuss your vision with our outstanding florist designer for your event. Particular order includes corporate events, weddings, and much more.

9) Do you have Flower arrangement Tips?

Do not :

Leave plants in the cold;

Leave indirect sunlight;

Leave them over the vents – heat/cold.


Give flowers water once a day.

10) What is Arum Lily – 100% Guarantee?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are ever dissatisfied with any experience with Arum Lily, Edmonton West, whether it is our product quality or service, please contact us at We will make it right for you. You are a valued customer, and we appreciate your business.

11) Does one Arum Lily store’s Promotions, Discounts, Giveaways, or Deals apply to all locations?

No, each store is independent and locally owned. Each store may not honour the other store’s Promotion, Discount, Giveaway, or Deal at a given date or time.

12) How often should I water my beautiful Flower Arrangements?

Having a green sponge with a beautiful container then waters once a day with cool water. When having flowers in a vase then water every other day and trim the bottom of the plant.

If you have any further questions, please call us at 780-475-3545 or email

– Arum Lily, Edmonton.