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Arum Lily

Hibiscus Greeting Card BL933

Hibiscus Greeting Card BL933

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The hibiscus is an iconic tropical flower and symbol of femininity, a thoughtful choice for your friend or loved one. This quilled greeting card features three flowers in colors of red, purple, and orange—a popular hibiscus design loved by many and made even more beautiful through this paper art form. *State flower of Hawaii (yellow hibiscus)

Each quilled card is beautifully handmade by a highly skilled artisan and takes one hour to create. A quilled card is meant for you to share, treasure as a keepsake, or display as the work of art it is.

Certified Fair Trade Federation Member

Don’t just send a card, send art!

Product Details
Outside Copy: Blank
Inside Copy: Blank plus additional blank insert to write your own message on
Size: 6 in. x 6 in.
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